We recently had the pleasure of presenting our recent publication on ROILA at the IEEE RO-MAN conference in Edinburgh.

Mubin, O., Henderson, J., and Bartneck, C. (2014). You Just do not Understand Me! Speech Recognition in Human Robot Interaction. In the Proceedings of the 23rd IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN). [PDF]

The publication describes an experimental study where we compared the recognition accuracy of ROILA against English across three different microphones (headset, desktop and microphone of the Nao robot) and for grammatically richer phrases. Our results showed that although ROILA was unable to outperform English but the microphone of the Nao robot was worse out of the three microphones and it was influenced by the head movement of the robot. Given below is a picture of the setup of our experiment.


This short TED presentation gives a nice introduction into constructed languages (ConLang). I agree that making a ConLang messy makes it more like natural languages, but that does not make it easier to learn. Creating an artificial mess is worse than the natural mess most spoken languages have. Simply because it was done with intend. There is no good reason why an artificial language, or constructed language, should be irregular.

We have recently published two publications describing our latest research efforts in ROILA. We hope to provide PDF’s of camera ready versions as soon as possible.

– Mubin, O., Shahid, S., & Bartneck, C. (2013). Robot Assisted Language Learning through Games: A Comparison of Two Case Studies. In Edutainment: Special Issue of Australian Journal of Intelligent Information Processing Systems, pp 9-14. [PDF]

– Mubin, O., Henderson, J., & Bartneck, C. (2013). Talk ROILA to your Robot. Demo Paper in the 15th ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI 2013).

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ROILA is now mentioned in the following article that reviews the use of robots in education.

Omar Mubin, Catherine Stevens, Suleman Shahid, Abdullah Al Mahmud, et al. A Review of the Applicability of Robots in Education. Journal of Technology in Education and Learning, 2013 [PDF]

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We are looking for participants in the Western Sydney area to partake in a study with the NAO robot and ROILA. Details are in the ad below.

Seeking participants willing to spend time learning a novel artificial language designed to interact with robots. This is part of an honours project studying languages in human-robot interaction. For more information about the language being used, ROILA, see www.roila.org

The study will involve repeating various phrases to a robot in ROILA and English. You won’t have to learn ROILA fluently; you will be able to listen to pre-recorded phrases and repeat it. These will also be made available to you before the date of the study if you wish to review it beforehand.

Participation in this research is completely voluntary and you have the right to withdraw at any time, without pressure or penalty. This research is completely anonymous. Participants will be rewarded with a $ 20 iTunes gift card. The study will involve 3 visits to one of the participating campus (Bankstown or Kingswood.)

As the research involves languages, you need to have been born in Australia and you must be 18 years or above.

If you are interested in participating, please email Joshua at 17019428@student.uws.edu.au.

This research is being carried out by Joshua Henderson, Computer Science Honours Student.

Development versions of the Automated Installer and Java Library are currently available on GitHub. Please report any issues to Josh at 17019428@student.uws.edu.au. The automated installer and java library are designed to help make it easier to work with ROILA. They are still a work in progress, so there are some features that won’t work fully (especially in the library.) GitHub will be updated with improved copies in the coming months.

It will be changed shortly to update a bug with the downloading of the pre-compiled library. There are more planned features for this to come, so keep an eye out on GitHub.

As apart of the UWS Summer Student Research program, an automated installer for Linux to setup and configure ROILA is being developed. This system is designed to automate much of the manual labour for setting up and configuring Sphinx and Festival on a Linux system.

Also being developed is a Java Library, which will allow you to make calls to Sphinx and Festival within your own Java program. This will allow much more flexibility with developing software that uses ROILA.

Keep an eye out on this website for more information towards the end of February.

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We have had an article on ROILA accepted for publication in the Journal of Disruptive Science and Technology, Mary Ann Liebert Publishers. Citation of the article is as follows:

Mubin, O., Bartneck, C., Feijs, L., Hooft van Huysduynen, H., Hu, J., Muelver, J. (2012). Improving Speech Recognition with the Robot Interaction Language (ROILA). Journal of Disruptive Science and Technology 1(2), Page 79-88. Mary Ann Liebert Publishers[PDF NOW AVAILABLE]

The article is an extensive writeup of the ROILA evaluation that was conducted at the Christiaan Huygens College Eindhoven.

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The national news show “Close Up” reported on ROILA:

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