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This short TED presentation gives a nice introduction into constructed languages (ConLang). I agree that making a ConLang messy makes it more like natural languages, but that does not make it easier to learn. Creating an artificial mess is worse than the natural mess most spoken languages have. Simply because it was done with intend. There is no good reason why an artificial language, or constructed language, should be irregular.

The national news show “Close Up” reported on ROILA:

Here is a nice usage of the ROILA language with Arduino:

Geek Dad at posted an article about our work.

Learning ROILA

We are proud to announce that our book Learning ROILA has been published and is now available as a paperback from In addition, you can purchase a Kindle Edition and an ePub Edition. This book has been made possible with the support of NZILBB and HIT Lab NZ.

The RObot Interaction Language (ROILA) is a new spoken language that is optimized for the communication between machines and humans. It is extremely easy to learn for humans and it is simple for machines to recognize. The goal of this book is to support humans learning ROILA.

Good news! We received a small research grant from NZILBB to create full course book about ROILA. This book is intended to help students to learn ROILA. Dean Sutherland will help with supervising a student that can create this course book.

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Media Hype

It is interesting to observe how the media hype works. We originally gave a hint to one blog and from there on many blogs and news web sites took notice of our project. Within 2-3 days we received a massive number of visits, but as quickly as it started, it also faded. The traditional media is a bit slower and a television interview will be broadcast next Thursday.

Statistics of our website of the last days.

Our project has a attracted a considerable media attention. Here is the coverage as far as we are aware of it.

August 3rd

July 30th

July 26th

July 25th

July 22nd

July 19th

July 18th

July 17th

July 16th

July 15th

July 14th

July 13th

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We will be at the Lego Idea Conference on April 13th, in Billund (DK). We will have a ROILA demonstration setup with us. Please contact Omar if you want to connect or receive an individual demonstration.

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We are pleased to announce that the website for the Robot Interaction Language (ROILA) has been officially opened. We offer a platform for the ROILA community which includes guides, forums and online courses. We hope that you find this web site useful.