Here is a nice usage of the ROILA language with Arduino:

Geek Dad at posted an article about our work.

Learning ROILA

We are proud to announce that our book Learning ROILA has been published and is now available as a paperback from In addition, you can purchase a Kindle Edition and an ePub Edition. This book has been made possible with the support of NZILBB and HIT Lab NZ.

The RObot Interaction Language (ROILA) is a new spoken language that is optimized for the communication between machines and humans. It is extremely easy to learn for humans and it is simple for machines to recognize. The goal of this book is to support humans learning ROILA.

Here is the video recording of Omar’s PhD defense that took place on June 1st in Eindhoven. We apologize for the bad quality of the video which is mainly due to the dark lighting of the room.

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The national Dutch newspaper Volkskrant did an article on ROILA. Thank you to Mr Peter for the interview discussion and Mike for the picture. Here is a PDF of the article.

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On June 1, Omar Mubin successfully completed his PhD defense on ROILA and was awarded the dr. title.

The ROILA team would like to thank the following committee members and experts without whose cooperation, feedback and support neither the defense nor the research would have been possible.

– Prof. Lyons (Ritsumeikan University, Japan)
– Prof. Krahmer (Tilburg University, Netherlands)
– Prof. de Lange (Utrecht University, Netherlands)
– Dr. Terken (Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands)
– Steven Canvin (LEGO Mindstorms, Denmark)
– Marjolein Seegers (Christiaan Huygens College, Eindhoven)

A special word of appreciation to Prof. Feijs, Dr. Hu and Dr. Bartneck (who travelled all the way from Christchurch, New Zealand).



The local newspaper of the TU/e, Cursor did an article about our research in ROILA. Here is a link to the article (in Dutch).

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The thesis “ROILA – Robot Interaction Language” has been printed. Please join us for the defense on June 1st, 16:00h in lecture theater 4 of the Auditorium at the Eindhoven University of Technology. This will be followed by a reception in Senaatszaal.

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Good news! We received a small research grant from NZILBB to create full course book about ROILA. This book is intended to help students to learn ROILA. Dean Sutherland will help with supervising a student that can create this course book.

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At this moment, we are documenting the entire ROILA project. Soon we will provide this information. It will also include details about the ROILA curriculum and the controlled experiment that we conducted at the Huygens College Eindhoven.


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