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We were pleased to present ROILA and its demo recently on two separate occassions. The first was on June 21, when an internationl review board visited our department of industrial design to evaluate the quality of research done here. As part of their visitation we had the honour of presenting ROILA and also gave a working demo about it. A similar demo was given on July 6 (see video below), when the staff of Philips Research Eindhoven visited our deparment as part of research collaboration activities.

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We were pleased to prepare an initial working demo of the ROILA language in use while interacting with a LEGO NXT Mindstorms robot. The interaction was based on simple turtle robot graphics and comprised of navigation commands only, such as go left, go right, run, walk slowly, etc. Speech recognition would take place on an external laptop with the recognition results being transmitted via bluetooth to the NXT. Since Sphinx is built and coded using Java it comfortably linked with the Lejos firmware of the NXT. Very soon we will provide detailed instructions on how to accomplish this along with some sample programs.