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We will be continously updating the ROILA academy section as we progress with the ROILA course at Huygens College, Eindhoven. Please visit the academy to know more about the course and our efforts at the school.

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The first set of 10 ROILA lessons are now uploaded in the ROILA academy. This set is the first version and may be subject to slight revisions. Please feel free to join the ROILA academy which is setup in Moodle. Also uploaded is the relevant glossary for these lessons, both here on the website as well as in the academy on Moodle. Alternatively you might want to have a look at the HTML version of the lessons. We would like to acknowledge the contributions of Jerry Muelver towards the design of the lessons. Please let us know if you have any comments or would like to give us some feedback.

The entire ROILA audience is welcome to study the ROILA lessons. If you are interested in subscribing to the academy please send us an email with your name and location so that we can make an account for you.

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