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We will be continously updating the ROILA academy section as we progress with the ROILA course at Huygens College, Eindhoven. Please visit the academy to know more about the course and our efforts at the school.

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At this moment we are busy designing lessons for ROILA. These lessons will be used by high school students to learn ROILA in our upcoming project. We are using Moodle an open source e-learning tool. Moodle provides various functionalities and features which make designing lessons fun and simple. One of the interesting challenges that we are contemplating is how to provide a dictionary or a glossary with audio pronunciations of ROILA words. An alternative could be to accomplish this externally using word press on the ROILA website (see first version). We aim to use Text to Speech recordings as the sample pronunciations for ROILA as that would be consistent and efficient. The recognition accuracy of the TTS sentence recordings was found to be very high (just 1 word error in about 120+ words) for a list of 30 sentences. This figure was generated by passing recordings offline in the Sphinx-4 recognizer.

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