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Recently we concluded the first ever ROILA course at the Huygens College Eindhoven. The course lasted for three weeks and was taught to 100 Dutch high school students students spread over 4 classes. The lessons involved practicing ROILA and playing with LEGO robots. All of us (teachers and students included) had alot of fun. So much so the school wants to make it a permanent part of their Science curriculum. They plan to do a repeat of the course for another class in January next year. A follow-on controlled experiment was also conducted which compared the efficacy of learning ROILA to control a robot vs controlling English-savvy robot. ROILA was found to better on both subjective and objective accounts (details coming soon).

We would like to thank the staff and teachers of Huygens College Eindhoven for their support and appreciation. Needless to say the children deserve a special mention too.

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