A shorter version of the ROILA vocabulary

Presented is the condensed version of the ROILA Vocabulary, primarily intended for beginning learners of the language. The words have been sorted alphabetically according to their english meanings. The word meanings have been assigned by using the vocabulary of Toki Pona (a 115 word artificial language) that promises to be one of the simplest languages around and ideal to express basic concepts. The english meanings of the Toki Pona words were first sorted by frequency of occurence using the metrics provided by the Department of Psychology, Gent. Consequently, the more frequent the word was the shorter word length it would have in the ROILA vocabulary.

English Meaning ROILA Word
accident fituje
air wifawe
and sowu
animal popike
anything kela
away bufak
back nole
bad topik
be mufe
because kijo
big kasok
bird mipuki
black japipa
blue kutuju
body finos
bottom lawuti
box lujusi
bug lamine
button kawuba
can leto
cold bosipu
color wekepo
Come fiki
crazy patap
death bukuf
device wemete
difference juwike
dirty bujeti
end pekot
everything jusaw
eye lifelu
feel wetok
fight wikab
fire nejoj
fish busenu
food pabulu
foot sotuja
front womamu
fruit wikute
fun babot
furniture kelupu
game simoti
give bufo
good wopa
group makuni
hand jiwos
have saki
he liba
head babej
hi jabami
hole fibale
house bubas
I pito
inside pawop
it supa
know bati
land seseme
left webufo
life fenob
Listen lulaw
little kute
long lepol
love loki
man losa
money fesis
moon komupe
mother fikuj
mouth jojitu
name wafub
new kulil
No buse
number felit
of fomu
one kilu
only kopo
open mifuf
or buno
outside bajike
paper banafu
paste kewopo
person tiwil
picture witajo
plant tiwaba
power fasewa
red tifeke
right besati
same jebab
see make
sex nafewu
she mona
side tuwun
sleep masup
solid fewisu
something puku
sound mifemo
stay tipet
sun fokibu
sweet lenesi
talk seni
that pimo
too peka
two seju
universe tasesa
up kape
use seput
very, also the word marker for the plural grammatical numbering tuji
walk fosit
want jiwi
water tejim
way nawe
What biwu
white fepaka
woman nipib
word marker for future tense jifo
word marker for past tense jifi
work towo
yellow wipoba
you bama


  1. Pete Dudley’s avatar

    could you please tell me what the following ROILA words translate to in the english grammar , regards , pete .

  2. Pete Dudley’s avatar

    could you please tell me what the following translates to in the english grammar language , regards Pete .


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