ROILA Vocabulary – Course 001

Given below is the vocabulary table being used for the introductory ROILA course at Huygens College Eindhoven. It comprises of 51 words.

ROILA English
bofute start
kanek go
koloke forward
botama turn
webufo left
besati right
nole back, backwards
jimeja quickly
kipupi slowly
buse no, not
kufim to, toward
jutof like
make see
bama you
pito I
kilu one
seju two
tewajo three
tuji many (plural marker)
jinolu ball
jesime step
saki have
tifeke red
wipoba yellow
wekepo color
kasok big
kute little
malula size
wapisi bucket
biwu what
wopa good, okay, right
pojos zero
fibi four
jitat five
silif six
kutuju blue
koleti green
tobop put
lamab now (at this time)
wekapa error
bemeko wrong
wolej nawe other way
sowu and
buno or
jifi past tense (marker)
jifo future tense (marker)
bafop into, in
nelete pick (up), lift
jasupa put down, drop (v.)
lujusi box
bileki carry, bring
bobuja run
fosit walk

Here are some additional ROILA words that are not intended to be part of the mandatory requirement for the ROILA course at Huygens College, Eindhoven. However we will still include them for advanced interested students.

bufo give
sunob seven
koset eight
jotoka bag
leto can
topik bad
supa it
mufe be, is, are
kajona window
bowata door
bulumu shut, close
mifuf open
nosil nine
tunik ten
fipuku dog
lakowo cat
fepaka white
wekepo color
japipa black
lesaka brown
fomu of (belongs to)
bamas this
pimo that
wafub name


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